We love our Pets and for most families they are a part of the family. Sadly Pets don't live as long as us Humans, so why not invest in some beautiful Portraits of your beloved furry friends. They will be wonderful works of art when they are with us and beautiful memories for when they are gone.


The Pet Studio 1

  • Intake
  • 1 Hour Shoot inside
  • 1 Animal
  • 1 A4 Print
  • 5 edited digital HR images

SFR  300.00

The Pet Studio 2

  • Intake
  • 1/2 - 2 Hour Shoot outdoor
  • 1-3 Animals
  • 1 A4 print
  • 10 edited digital HR images

SFR 500.00

The Pet Studio 3

  • Intake
  • 1-3 Hour Shoot
  • 1-3 Animals
  • 1 A4 print
  • 15 edited digital HR images

SFR 650.00

Email me for more information and pricing on Breeder puppy packages (starting from SFr. 950).

I also sell canvas and gallery prints for your home and other photo products. Price list by request.

Travel costs are included up to 10 km around Meilen, Kanton Zürich. Outside of this range they are 0.50 Rappen per Km.

What to expect from a Pet Portrait session

Photographing animals takes a lot of patience. It also requires everybody involved in the shoot to be calm and to listen to the directions the photographer gives. When you are interested in booking a session, I will ask you a lot of questions about your pet, the location and what you are looking for in the shoot. The more information we share, the better we will be prepared.

When we are shooting in your home I might ask you to move furniture to make good use of beautiful natural light, or to create calm backgrounds.

It is a good idea to have dogs excersize before a shoot to drain hyper active energy. You might want to have your dogs groomed before a session, although it is not a must.

There is always a risk of an animal not willing to participate, especially cats, and completely loosing interest. It hasn't happened to me yet, but in the event of such an occurance it might be necessary to reschedule the shoot to another day and time.

For outdoor location shoots we are dependent on dry weather. Be aware a planned shoot might have to be rescheduled due to very bad weather conditions.

Alex Keuning

I am a Pet Portrait Photographer, because I love combining my passion for animals and beautiful images. It is an honour for me to capture your beloved Pet and to show that special connection you have. At the same time creating a work of art  for your home and family.

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Hurray! 3rd Prize in a Photo contest of Spot Magazin, Freizeit und Reisen für die Schweiz.

November 22, 2016

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