"Man's best Friend!" or "You can live without a dog, it's just not worth it.." this is something you hear lots of dog owners say. 

Dogs have a very special place in our society. We treat them like family. They bring us joy, companionship and love. They keep us fit and are even able to help us get through daily life chores. They help protect us and even save us. Truly special animals. I love capturing their very diverse spirits and the bond they share with their owners.

The action pictures of the Border collies in the slideshow were taken during the workshop Dogs in Action 2.0 that I attended in April 2018 taught by Claudio Piccoli.

Alex Keuning

I am a Pet Portrait Photographer, because I love combining my passion for animals and beautiful images. It is an honour for me to capture your beloved Pet and to show that special connection you have. At the same time creating a work of art  for your home and family.

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Hurray! 3rd Prize in a Photo contest of Spot Magazin, Freizeit und Reisen für die Schweiz.

November 22, 2016

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